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When visiting Norway in the period between November and March, you can explore the fjords on the West Coast, try some of the winter activities such as skiing, dog sledging or snowshoeing in the mountains. There might be many other tourists if you choose to visit Northern Norway during this period, while you will not encounter crowds of travellers if you visit the fjords and the coats of Western Norway. You have a chance of seeing Northern lights in Northern Norway or see the orcas hunting herring in the area of Tromsø and the Lofoten islands.

November – December

This is the darkest period of the year. You can experience the polar night in the area inside the Polar Circle from around the end of November to the middle of January. Storm watching is new and exciting activity becoming more and more popular in the coastal areas, where you can experience raw power of the raging seas and admire the ragged beauty of pristine island landscapes. Fjord tours, hiking and sea fishing tours are available throughout the year. Norwegian scenery may seem mysterious and harsh during these months, the nature reposes, the fjords are surrounded by rocky snow-clad mountains, the skies are low, sometimes veiled with fog or drizzling rain, and you feel the fresh air and the urge for adventure. And you wonder if the Norwegian trolls are asleep deep inside the forest…

January – March

Days start growing longer again in January and you can spend more time exploring the fjords. The waterfalls may be frozen, and you will probably see a lot of snow inland. There is not always snow in the coastal areas of Western Norway during the winter months. This is due to the Golf stream, which is warming up the coast and making the climate mild. This is the best period to visit the North of Norway if you wish to see Northern lights. You can also stay in the Igloo hotel in Alta, go on king crab safari in Kirkenes or visit the Sami reindeer farm in Tromsø, to mention some of the options. The Atlantic wandering cod, or skrei in Norwegian, comes to the coast of Norway to spawn and the season of skrei-fishing begins. You can take part in it all along the coastline, but the best cod fishing is north of the Polar Circle: from Lofoten to the North Cape. You can also plan your skiing holidays in one of the Norwegian ski resorts, for example in Geilo – the oldest ski resort in Norway. Spicing up your skiing vacation with a couple of days on the fjords and a visit to Bergen is an easily done combination and most advisable when travelling through the southern parts of the country.