We are very pleased to invite you to Norway - one of the most picturesque countries in the world with magnificent nature, hospitable people and a fascinating history! With us you will be able to make an unforgettable journey to a fabulous land where the union of the sea and mountains embody the dreams of an exquisite traveler.

A rare tourist is never touched by the majestic beauty of Norway! The coast, cut by the harsh sea, is like the face of a seasoned fisherman, streaked with wrinkles from the winds and sea salt; mysterious deep fjords that preserve the ancient secrets of the Vikings; high, sheer giant mountains in helmets of blue ice; fertile, almost untouched by man valleys with wonderful gardens and virgin forests - all this attracts harmony and tranquility, which we are so lacking in everyday life.

In this wonderful country, you will feel unity with the world of natural beauty, find yourself under a waterfall of impressions, and perhaps you will find yourself and your dream here ...

We offer a wide range of high quality travel services:

  • hotel accommodation;
  • accommodation in cottages and fishing camps;
  • services of guides;
  • sightseeing tours and trips;
  • Luxury and VIP tours;
  • Business travel and conference organization;
  • automobile transport;
  • air transport;
  • sailing and motor yachts;
  • sea, lake and river fishing in Norway;
  • active holidays.

About our company


JANDIS AS is an incoming tour operator. With us you can make one of the most memorable trips in your life. Thanks to our presence in Norway, we have a close relationship with the local culture. During our existence, we have created a wide network of contacts with a number of companies providing travel services.

Our main focus is tourism in Western Norway. Here, you can find high mountains, glaciers and snow, there are deep fjords - ancient Viking waterways, there is a harsh and fish abundant sea and, of course, there is Bergen - the pearl of the kingdom of fjords, mountains and the sea - the most charming and cozy city in Norway.

We offer a wide range of tourist services: guide services and transportation, sightseeing tours and trips, sea and freshwater fishing, cruises, helicopter excursions and accommodation, Luxury & VIP tours, business travel and conference organization.
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