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Of all the beauties on earth, there is nothing more beautiful than nature! Apparently, therefore, comparing the places listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List, National Geographic Traveler awarded the fjords of Norway the title of the most attractive and unspoiled tourist destination in the world. Bergen is situated between the longest fjord in Norway Sognefjord and the beautiful Hardangerfjord. That why Bergen is called The Capital of the Fjord Kingdom.

We can offer you many ways to explore the fjords. The choice depends on your preferences. You can join some of the package tours by train, boat or bus. We can offer, among others, following tours:

  • Fjord cruise from Bergen to Mostraumen. Duration 3 hours.
  • Tour Queen of the Fjords: tour on minivan from Bergen to Hardangerfjord. Duration 6 hours.
  • Fjord cruise from Bergen to Hardanger (with stop in Rosendal). Duration 2 hours one way.
  • Whole-day tour from Oslo to Bergen (or vice versa) with train Oslo – Myrdal - Flåm, cruise on the Nærøyfjord Flåm - Gudvangen and private transfer from Gudvangen - Tvindefossen waterfall - Bergen.
  • Cruise on Hurtigruten Bergen-Geiranger-Ålesund or any other of the parts of the sea journey from Bergen to Kirkenes (last stop on North of Norway).
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If you prefer, you can choose a private fjord tour with us. We arrange tailor-made tours from Bergen to the Hardangerfjord, Osterfjord or to the Sognefjord. The usual duration is between 6 and 12 hours. We have also partners in other cities and are therefore able to arrange a private tour with guide from Oslo, Stavanger, Ålesund or Geiranger.

We can also arrange several-days tour with our driver-guide. We will show you the most beautiful places in Norway that are worth visiting. It might be both:  the very popular places such as Nærøyfjord or Geirangerfjord, but also other places that are not visited by the tourist crowds. If you plan to see the Norwegian fjords, we recommend you arrival to Bergen. Alternatively, you can arrive to Stavanger or Bergen and leave from Ålesund (or vice versa), thus you will see some of the most beautiful fjords, waterfalls and glaciers in Norway.

We will be happy to show you around in Bergen. The historical city which we love to live in. Our sightseeing tours are always private, so we will show you the city centre, tell about the history and adjust the content to your interests. The Bergen has very cosy city centre, which is very pleasant to have a walk in. If it does not rain, but don’t worry – the weather in Bergen is not that bad as you might get impression of from the statistics. Outside the city centre, we can visit the villa of the composer Edvard Grieg, see the Fantoft  stave church or visit “Old Bergen”  open-air museum. There are many other interesting places to visit in Bergen, so we recommend you to stay at least two-three days.

For those coming by a cruise to Norway, we can offer private sightseeing tours in ports such as Oslo, Stavanger, Bergen, Flåm, Geiranger, Ålesund, Tromsø or Honningsvåg (North Cape).

Helicopter sightseeing is a perfect way how to see the fjords, mountains and glaciers in a short time. While it may take you several hours travelling by car, you can see all the places in just an hour on helicopter. We can arrange helicopter sightseeing in Oslo, Stavanger, Bergen, Hardanger, Sognefjord, Geiranger  and Ålesund. The most common types of helicopters are R-44 for up to 3 passengers, EC-120 for up to 4 passengers and AS-350 for up to 5 passengers. From a helicopter, you can see places like Kjerag mountain, the Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen), the Troll’s tongue or the Troll’s road.

Below you can find some of our suggested programmes:

Weekend tour to Bergen

7-days tour for nature lovers to Bergen and Myrkdalen