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When visiting Norway in the period between April and October, you have various choices of where to go and what to see. If you plan to visit the glaciers and some of the mountain roads, you should aim for the period between June and August. For the rest of the year some of the mountain roads may be closed due to weather conditions.


During this period, the weather may vary, and you should bring warm clothes. Well, if you forget, you can always purchase quality woollen sweaters in Norway that will keep you warm. You can explore the fjords in April, see the waterfalls and take part in activities such as hiking, kayaking and fishing. Sea fishing tends to be very good, with large cod, ling and tusk as the most common catch, either if you are fishing in Bergen area or further north. There might still be plenty of snow in the mountains, so you could go skiing, snowboarding, snowkiting or just have fun building a snowman as you travel through the wintery highlands.

May and June

Without a doubt, it is the most lovely time to be in Norway. Your senses will be overwhelmed by the many blossoming flowers around, in Bergen particularly: rhododendrons, blossoming cherry trees, vibrant shades of green colours contrasting with snow covered mountain tops. This is the best time to explore the fjords and all the glory of Norwegian nature. June tends also to be the best period for salmon fishing in Norway.

July and August

This is the warmest and most pleasant time of year in Norway, but you should not expect more than 20 degrees Celsius (70°F), especially in the coastal areas. When moving inland away from the coast, the summer temperatures are higher (and winter temperatures lower). Many Norwegians love to spend these months home in Norway. They go hiking in the mountains, head off to the sea and the fjords either on a sailboat or a motorboat, catching fish for the freshest ever meal or just basking in the magnificent radiating landscapes. The forests are rich with blueberries, wild strawberries and raspberries, which you can freely pick, and later on, also mushrooms and cloudberries. Sometimes people may just enjoy spending an afternoon on the beach with a barbecue dinner and maybe a dip in the sea. This is the perfect period for glacier hiking, white water rafting and kayaking. Skiing enthusiasts can visit summer skiing resorts located on the Norwegian glaciers. This is the busiest tourist season in Norway with a lot of travellers – and if you would like to avoid crowds, you should consider coming at another time.

September and October

It will be colder outside, and it might rain, however the scenery, so vivid and lush some weeks ago, now transforms into a rich tapestry of bright and translucent colours during these first autumn months. Experience enchanting landscapes, mysterious fjords emerging from fog and powerful waterfalls in this magical season. You can still take part in many of the outdoor activities and enjoy the wonders of the Norwegian fjords.