Here are some of the most famous waterfalls around Bergen. This is only a choice of 5 waterfalls, there are many more to see.


A waterfall with 20 metres falls is located outside a small town of Norheimsund close to the Hardangerfjorden. You can see the waterfall really up close as you can walk beneath it! We stop at this waterfall during our tour Queen of the Fjords, Folgefonna glacier roundtrip and Hardangerfjord roundtrip.

Waterfalls Steinsdalsfossen


This is one of the tallest waterfalls with a fall of 182 metres. From the viewpoint, you will enjoy both the waterfall and the impressive view into the deep valley. In 2023, a new viewpoint with a bridge over the river will be finished, thus allowing you to see the waterfall and the surrounding nature from many different angles. We stop at this waterfall during our tours Hardangerfjord roundtrip and Seven Waterfalls tour.

Waterfalls Vøringsfossen


It is located nearby Voss and has a fall of 110 metres. The waterfall is pretty wide with the water falling in small cascades. We stop at this waterfall during our tour Highlights of Norway – Trip to the Sognefjord.

Waterfalls Tvindefossen


This waterfall with 70 metres falls is a hidden gem located close to Osterfjord. We stop at this waterfall during our tour Secrets of the Fjords.

Waterfalls Hesjedalsfossen


A waterfall with 165 metres falls is located nearby Odda and the Hardangerfjord. It is divided by a rock into two parts, each of them very powerful so that there is a lot of mist around the waterfall. We stop at this waterfall during our tour Seven Waterfalls tour.

Waterfalls Låtefossen