In 2020 the date of the hiking tour was, due to the corona virus pandemy, changed from May to September. However, after the increase of infection rate in Norway in the middel of August, the organizators decided to cancel this tour in 2020. This is the first time the tour was cancelled during the whole history starting in 1948.

During the tour you will experience large parts of the mountainous landscape with magnificent views over the city along large parts of the trail. Time spent on the hike is not important, the whole Sunday is used to cover approx. 35 kilometres and total ascent of 2,400 meters.

Who can join?
The trip requires good physical condition, and if you keep in shape during regular walks, you can expect to complete the trip with brilliance. The tour was first organized already in 1948.

Food and drink
Bring your own food for a regular day trip. Remember plenty of water, nutritious drinks.

Start and route
Start from Gravdal (v / Nutec) between 06.30 and 08.30 a.m. Then the trip goes up to Lyderhorn, via a well marked trail. Following mountais are Damsgårdsfjellet, Løvstakken, Ulriken, Fløyfjellet (v / Fløirestauranten), and further on to Brushytten cabin and Rundemanen. From here to Sandviksfjellet and back to the office of Norwegian hiking association in Marken in the city center. The participant card must be cut on all tops and delivered to the secretariat upon arrival.

Bus departure
Buses are being set up from Nygaten / Marken to Gravdal. The buses leave from 6:15 to 08.15 a.m. The bus tour is free. Ascending is not possible along the way.

Everyone who completes receives a diploma. There will also be a free T-shirt for all participants. 

4-mountains hike
This is an offer for anyone who finds the 7-mountain trip too long. Start from Årstad Secondary School between 09:00 and 11:00. The route is Ulriken, Fløyen, Rundemanen, Sandviksfjellet, with finish at the office of Norwegian hiking association in Marken. Diploma and T-shirt to all who complete. 

For hiking enthusiasts, JANDIS can arrange a private hiking tour all year round. You can also join our hiking tours to Stoltzekleiven.