Norway has a unique nature - mountains, fjords, waterfalls, glaciers - and the best way to see it all is to go on a hike in the mountains, ride a bike or go river rafting. You will not just be an outside observer, but you will use the Norwegian nature in an active way, feel its beauty and its energy. During the active holiday, you will have to physically strain together with your family/friends – your fellow travellers, with whom you will remember common vivid impressions after the trip.

Active recreation is suitable for everyone in good physical shape. Not only children will appreciate the opportunity to move in nature. Contact us and we will offer you an unforgettable vacation tailor-made for your travel group.

Some examples of outdoor activities that we can organize:

- mountain hiking: from an easy walk to a full day hike, for example, to Troll’s tongue.

- biking tour.

- fishing tour: sea or freshwater, from the shore or from a boat.

- river rafting: for children from 5 years old.

- glacier hike: for children from 8 years old.

- kayak tour.