Welcome to Norway!

We are pleased to invite you to Norway – one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It boasts its breathtaking nature and hospitable people. And the exciting pages of its intriguing history are told by our professional guide in Norway.


Holidays in Norway are an unforgettable journey with this magical land where the union of sea and mountains embodies the dreams of a modern traveler. One should really see this miracle with his own eyes.


Visitors rarely remain untouched by the magnificent beauty of Norway. A harsh rugged sea coast – like the face of a hardened fisherman, creased with tough winds and sea salt; mysterious deep fjords, which hold the ancient secrets of the Vikings; high, steep mountains – sleeping giants wearing helmets of blue ice; fertile valleys, almost untouched by man, with wondrous gardens and virgin forests – all this attracts us by harmony and tranquility – the things we miss in our bustling everyday life.


During your tour of Norway you can relax and find peace with the world of natural beauty, step under a waterfall of new impressions.

We offer a wide range of tourist services of high quality:

- Accommodation in hotels
- Accommodation in cottages and fishing villages
- Sightseeing / guided tours
- Ready-made and tailored tours
- Luxury and VIP Travel
- Business tours and Conferences
- Road transport
- Air Transport
- Sailing and motor yachts
- Sea fishing
- Lake and river fishing
- Active recreation

The Norwegians say that you have not experienced Norway without the famous FIVE. These are:


FJELL (mountains) - great and austere, attracting travelers with their solitude and calm.


FJORD (fjords) - ancient routes of the Vikings, secluded and spacious, charming with their grandeur and beauty.


FOSS (waterfalls) - rumbling sources of freshness and vigor.


FONN (glaciers) - entrancing stores of eternal purity and coolness, shelters from the summer’s heat and everyday stress.


FISK (fish) - one of Norway's treasures: this can be both a relaxing holiday at sea and an exquisite gastronomical experience.


Norway is the perfect resting place for all who are fatigued by the stress, noise and trials of life.


We wish you a pleasant journey and an unforgettable vacation in Norway!