Fishing tours

Sea fishing:
Fishing from the shore, fishing in the fjords or in the open sea from boats and yachts. The sea and the fjords of Norway are a real paradise for fishermen! You can easily combine fishing with your stay at a hotel. You can also live in a rorbu - fishermen's apartments or cottages on the islands near Bergen, and dedicate all your time to fishing.


Catalogue of fishing cabins in Bergen area 2018


Group fishing tour in Bergen from a larger boat in 2017


Group fishing tour in Bergen from a small motorboat in 2018


Freshwater fishing:
We also offer river or lake fishing with experienced guides and instructors in the secluded, quiet corners of the Norwegian outdoors. Freshwater fishing is suitable for a more patient angler.


Company JANDIS AS is the only who offers fishing in Norway with such a wide range of tourist services:


- Sea fishing - in the high seas and in the fjords or from the shore. Motor boats, fishing boats and yachts are used.
- Freshwater fishing - on the rivers and lakes in the Bergen area.
- We provide special equipment and clothing - winter and standard suits for fishing, rubber boots, and others.
- We provide a place of residence - in the cottage complex or fishing cottages on the islands.
- We care about the comfort, safety and interesting pastime.

No wonder Bergen was chosen by us for the organization of fishing in Norway. 7 fjords surrounded by the Bergen and the fish come to spawn there.


Fishing in Norway by boat

There are only 20 miles from the city center to the open sea. You can catch fish directly from Bergen city center. But for real fishing in Norway we know the best places and they are located a little further.


Sea fishing with JANDIS begins with a trip to the islands (by car or by shuttle service), which are located just a 40-60 minute drive from Bergen. Good catch is guaranteed to everyone who has joined us! Most often, one can catch cod, mackerel (mainly in summer), pollock, capelin, lur (European pollock), tusk and ling. There is also a chance to catch catfish, redfish, flounder or monkfish.


Recommended for fishing season is from May to September. But fishing in other months will be successful too, though not as comfortable as in the summer. We offer to cook caught fish on board of the ship, on a picnic or in a restaurant. In the latter case, the chef prepares delicious meals in front of the visitors.


In the area of Bergen on rivers and lakes JANDIS company conducts freshwater fishing. This type of fishing is preferred by experienced fishermen. One can catch trout, pike, perch, pike perch, bream and char. The catch may also be prepared.


We suggest choosing the ship from several options, ranging from the usual motor boat and ending by sailboat. The cost of fishing with a guide includes rental of equipment and gear. Tourists are provided with special equipment and clothes: suits for fishing and rubber boots.


At the time, the tour company will arrange accommodation in one of the cottage complexes in Bergen or directly on the islands in the fishermen's cottages. After spending a few days in a majestic nature of Western Norway, you can actually see how simple fishermen live. At the same time we ensure that stay will be comfortable and enjoyable even in the islands. A detailed description of the apartments can be found in the catalog.


Norway fishing season never ends. Norway is a paradise for fishermen and we are ready to open its gates for everyone who contacts our company. Many years of experience of fishing in the sea and fjords, professional guides and equipment, a thorough knowledge of fish places in the country - all this distinguishes the company from other JANDIS guides. We make sure that fishing in Norway is the biggest event of your life! And the trip across the country is to remember as an exciting adventure!