About Norway

Norway (Norwegian: Norge or Noreg) – acountry in the northern and western part of the Scandinavian Peninsula. Country’s name emerged in the Middle Ages and means "the way to the North» (Nordvegr, Norreweg). The capital of Norway is Oslo. Official language – Norwegian.


The Kingdom of Norway has a common land border with Sweden, Finland and Russia. Area of the country with an area of 386 km2 includes a large number of islands, the largest of which are the Jan Mayen and Svalbardarchipelago. Norway consists of 19 provinces, called fylke. The coastline, with its long and narrow fjords is consideredthe main attraction for a tourist pilgrimage.


Norway's population: 4.62 million people.
Political system: Constitutional monarchy
Coastline: 21340 km, incl. fjords
Border: with Russia, 196 km, with Finland,727 km, with Sweden, 1619 km
Currency: Norwegian krone (NOK)
Largest lake: Lake Mjøsa, 368 km2
Longest river: Glomma, 598 km
Highest mountain: Galdhøpiggen, 2469 m